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Every year on the 1st of January, I take a seat in a quiet area with a pencil and paper, and make a listof things I want to accomplish in the coming year. As a child, my parents encouraged me to write down goals, but only if they were outrageous enough to make people laugh if I shared them. The full list of my ambitions from the last ten years is too long to share. I will just tell you I was able to tick one off when I played the Pro-Am inWentworth on the day before the BMWPGA Championship.

I love golf. You can go there to disconnect from the world, reconnect with nature and have a good time with friends. You can imagine my excitement, when Revolution UK's Editor asked me to undertake this assignment.Audemars Piguet Replica I am not a bad golfer but I am by no means a great golfer. I have never belonged to a golf club, and as a consequence, I've not earned a handicap. (Something I kept quiet on the day.) Now, I was off to Wentworth, one of the golf meccas. My playing partners were European Tour pro Matthew Fitzpatrick and fellow amateur Pascal Grizot.

The night before my big day, I slept very little. My alarm clock was set at 5am but that wasn't necessary. A car picked me up at 6am, and when we arrived at Wentworth the TV cameras were rolling and the clubhouse was buzzing. The Audemars Piguet Replica Championship has a long history. First played in 2005, it's been part of the European Tour International Schedule ever since 1972. The Audemars Piguet Replica Championship is one of the highest-profile golf tournaments. It has been played on the West Course of Wentworth Club each year since 1984.

After a quick meal, we headed to the first. It wasn't the first hole, but it was the one we started on. Since it was a golf tournament and several teams were teeing-off at the same time, the players all had to start in different places. For us, it was the 18. Henrik Stenson was teeing off right in front of us. The crowd was now a few hundred people strong. I was nervous, because my partners all hit their balls into the fairway, and I had to go. I couldn't even get the tee into the ground let alone hit it. After a two-putt on the green, which was as smooth as glass, I exited with a par.Patek Philippe Replica It could have been much worse.

My ball ended up in a bunker at the 2nd. As amateurs, we were required to play the best drive. (Not mine this time). But, as I was jumping in to retrieve the ball from the bunker, a crowd of 400 hundred people chanted: "Playit!" Play it! "Play it!" After some advice from Fitzpatrick I played the shot of my life. The ball gently touched thegreen and landed two feet away from the pin. I felt good climbing out and listening to the applause while tapping the sand from my shoes using my wedge. (I'd always wondered what it felt like after watching the pros do this for years on television).